Tourist Attraction Places and Activities in Bali, Indonesia 

Bali is both an island and a province in Indonesia. The province has numerous tourist attraction places and activities. The following are the major tourists' attraction features; mountains, shopping, parks, Balinese dishes, beaches, culture, islands, animals, forests and the rice terraces. Bali is found in an active volcanic zone, therefore it has a lot of valleys, mountains, and active volcanos. The variety of religious groups and culture also pull in more tourists. The economy of Bali has improved tremendously as a result of revenue collected from the tourists. In the area, there is also the availability of employment opportunities. There are so many things to see and do in Bali but the following are must-visit areas in Bali.

The Puru Ulun Danu Bratan is the first place to visit. This is a famous temple which is usually on the Balinese currency notes. The temple was established just next to a lake and one may think it is a floating temple. Other than taking photos, please buy some souvenirs to make the Bali tour unforgettable. The temple is opened for 12 hours offering ample time for exploration. Get more information about Best Things To Do In Bali .

The Bali Safari and Marine Park is another important place to visit in Bali. The major animals in this park are; rhinos, zebras, lions, flying animals and many more. People who spend some nights in the Bali Safari and Marine Park have a good experience since they are woken up by the roaring of lions and the beautiful melodies produced by the birds. You will see the animals at a close range and the hotels will offer you mouth-watering tropical beverages and cuisines. For more information about the Bali Tours , follow the link.

The Fountain of Youth at Goa Gajah is the next place to visit in Bali. This fountain consists of 6 statues of women who are holding pots on their abdomens. Initially, there were 7 statues of women but an earthquake damaged one statue. Since the water from the pots is clean, you can drink it. When entering the Goa Gajah, you have to cover your legs since it is a holy place.

When on a Bali tour, please visit the Ubud Monkey forest. The forest is cool although you will still enjoy the sunshine. The friendly monkeys which snatch bananas from the tourists will offer the best experience. In case you fear monkeys, just walk through the forest without holding bananas and pieces of plastics. Acquire more knowledge of this information about Bali at .

Another place that will offer an unforgettable experience is the Tegallalang Rice Terraces in Ubud. You will definitely fall in love with the meandering rice fields since the coconut trees also add beauty to the fields.

It is advisable that you research to get the Bali's best tours and pricing. Please visit the above places and the experience will remain fresh in your mind.